Who were baptized with Christ,

they have put on Christ


The table we sit at

is invisible, it is the ether

between us, the separation belt

no roasted fish

which we could

fill the baskets with

nor five buns

which feeds many


It's hard intensified fight

between us

pulling inertia

knives fall across the table

they stab into places

on which it is conceived

grape, seed which

cheers man's hearth


We can't reach you

you can't reach us

words are multiplied

they bury the first word

which we do not want

to remember

because here we arrived

in the hard armors

to this feast


Waiting for the moment

for Lord of the feast

to replace us with tramps

and put them at our places

because we have put on…

because you have put on…

worthy of reserved seats

but eludes us

heavenly Last Supper

and there is no one

(or is there?)

head on the Savior's chest

to lean


And the sea ripples

and spring seems to refuse

in full to come



Са српског превео Антоније Марић