Photo: Iakov Khesin (Јаков Кешин)

for Iakov Khesin


Maybe the sun is a culprit

to look by a view from above

an orange tree full

of ripe fruit

maybe the ghosts

which are certainly here

surround  me in combat

disposition and demand from me

to raise my hands

and keep the setting sun

until they finish the absent battle

with the conqueror from the east


But from my shoulders

no weapon hangs

only stones in the pockets

taken away by the millennium

action of water and wind

which mixes and seeks for

a new compositions

even getting a character

created in the old school

of this island

even the persistent olive,

which will not fade

but resurrects from moment

to moment living from healing

own relics,

warns to attention


Maybe it's the shade of an oak

a new bivouac or just a resting place

of the new armie of intentional travelers

but also a plateau behind two altars

can be a respite

and their windows

to be worshiped

to provide a sight,

dissolved inwardness


And here comes the heavenly lamb

obscures the sun and paints

with his brothers

herd lost in antiquity

but that is only for a moment

because the shadows come into play

of the lost gods

so they occupy battle positions

showing a map of the forgotten

battles in the Amari Valley

which is carved into the walls of the church

and took away the roof of a small chapel


Is the sun the culprit

or is it just a time…

Translation: Anthony Marich (Антоније Марић)